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The foundation of advanced communication networks, IP Telephony (IPT), allows your company to communicate intelligently by bringing applications together to increase productivity and minimize resource requirements.
IPT converge voice and data networks to one IP network, uniting multiple locations using virtually any device or method of connection, IP-based or traditional phones, soft phones and wireless. Companies now have the expanded ability to distribute resources among contact centers, share access to company-wide systems and work remotely – all while keeping a consistent corporate identity on a seamless IP network.
Mobility is rapidly growing and now allows access from any wireless device, as well as access to voice mail and e-mail, through speech-enabled applications and to any system a company has integrated into the network. Real-time information, current and easily accessible, is paramount to success. Voice and video conferencing, once plagued by quality and cost issues, are now enabled via IP networks and provide economical and efficient services without sacrificing quality.
Effectively implementing IP-based solutions requires design, planning, engineering and execution by experienced, certified personnel. WAYCOM Technology will partner with you to ensure a smooth transition. Our goal is to help you determine the right solution, enabling your company to experience increased productivity and revenue growth as quickly as possible.
AVAYA IP Solution

IP Media Gateways and Servers

9640/9630 IP Telephones

AVAYA Media Servers and AVAYA Media Gateways work together with AVAYA Multi-Vantage Software and AVAYA IP Telephones to deliver the many advantages of IP telephony over your existing data network.

Using a single network to handle both voice and data communication can save you time and money by simplifying network administration and eliminating the need to buy and maintain two separate networks. Sending voice calls over your data network can reduce public network long distance charges - a particular advantage in international calling. In addition, because these hardware components adhere to widely accepted standards, they make it easier to deploy applications such as unified messaging and customer relationship management across a multi-vendor data network. Their compatibility with the most popular application program interfaces encourages third-party developers to create useful new applications.
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