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Video Conferencing Solutions
Waycom Technology have broken down our solutions into High Definition, Large Conference Rooms, Small to Medium-Sized Rooms and Desktop solutions making it easier for you to choose the right solution for your business.
Waycom Technology have a full range of Video conference products of Radvision to meet the differing needs of video conferencing users, taking into account limited budgets and constrained meeting spaces.
Our Video Conference products offer:
  • Near Broadcast quality video
  • Unified communication integration
  • Unprecedented reliable connection
  • Powerful data sharing for real time collaboration
  • Easy to Use software
  • Multi site conferencing
Benefits to your business of Video Conference products:
  • Unified communication integration and development
  • Cuts time-to-market
  • Reduces travel expenses
  • Increases billable hours of fee-earning staff
  • Improves the work/life balance
  • Improves employee retention
  • Supports faster decision making
  • Reduces employee frustration arising from 'process'
  • Creates access to experts in/outside the company
  • Offers inclusive to remote employees
  • Supports HR development by offering a wider and deeper choice
  • Extends the recruiment process to a broader selection panel
  • Expands services to a wider customer base
  • Improves customer support
  • Supports training in a scalable and cost-effective way
  • Contributes to improvements in the enviroment
  • Increases focus on the business and removes distractions
  • Encorages flexibility in work groups and project teams
  • Increases resource sharing
  • Keeps you at the forefront of communication technology

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